Guaranteed Performance

MountainView Landfill
Flow Rate:
1800 scfm
Gas Use:
48 BiFueled Detroit Diesel Series 60 Engines

GraniteFuel helped MountainView Landfill meet a tailpipe emissions requirement by installing our gas conditioning system combined with our engine exhaust emissions control system. This integration of both our biogas conditioning and exhaust conditioning parts enabled us to provide MountainView with a guarantee on their tailpipe emissions performance.

Streamlined Installation

Eastern Ohio Regional WWTP
Flow Rate:
165 scfm
Gas Use:
100 kW Microturbine

GraniteFuel provided Eastern Ohio Regional WWTP with an integrated solution that combined numerous gas conditioning subsystems—including H2S removal, low pressure boosting, dehydration, siloxane/VOC removal and compression systems—all on one skid. Having GraniteFuel design and build this skid eliminated any potential issues with integrating components engineered or purchased from separate entities. Since all the major componentry was integrated on a single skid, installation was simple and fast.

A Tailored Solution

Lucas WWTP
Flow Rate:
600 scfm
Gas Use:

GraniteFuel worked closely with Lucas WWTP to design a gas conditioning system—including gas cooling, H2S removal, dehydration, siloxane/VOC removal components—tailored to the company’s unique requirements. Prior to manufacturing, our engineering team aided in the system and layout design to optimize for space requirements and system efficiency. We also advised on medias for H2S and siloxane/VOC removal. The system was delivered in under four months.