Systems Integration

A. Compressor
B. Dehydration HX
C. Economizer HX
D. Compressor Aftercooler

E. Siloxane Removal Vessels
F. Blower Aftercooler
G. Blower
H. H2S Removal Vessels

Compressor Aftercooler
Siloxane Removal Vessels
Dehydration HX
Economizer HX
Blower Aftercooler
H2S Removal Vessels

GraniteFuel is your one-stop solution for the design and build of biogas conditioning systems to turn your agricultural and commercial organic waste into fuel for a wide range of applications.

We take away the complication of integrating different equipment from various manufacturers by designing and building all components of your system. Our integrated approach ensures that all pieces of your system will work seamlessly with each other—while helping you harness potential energy and operational efficiencies.

Biogas Membrane Separation

CO2/CH4 separation skids are designed and manufactured to meet your requirements. Appropriate gas cooling, polishing,and monitoring ensure compliant RNG for CNG or pipeline injection. Systems canbe designed in an open frame or containerized for climate control as required bythe customer.

Siloxane Removal Systems

GraniteFuel SRS provides the highest siloxane reduction efficiencies while offering the lowest operating costs. Choosing GraniteFuel's system means choosing a cleaner technology for your WWTP, or landfill, or RNG operation.

Chilling/Dehydration Systems

Chilling the gas provides control over water content improving systems performance and abating chronic issues with downstream components. GraniteFuel designs and builds complete dehydration packages. Whether you are cooling 15 scfm or 8000 scfm, GraniteFuel can modularize the system for ease of handling, installation and use.

H2S Removal

GraniteFuel designs, manufactures, and integrates custom H2S removal systems based on your unique raw and product gas requirements.

Blower/Compression Skids

GraniteFuel designs and manufactures skid mounted blower & compression packages to compliment complete biogas conditioning systems.

Fuel Blending Skids

When fuel blending is required, GraniteFuel designs and manufactures solutions for your unique gas streams to create the desired gas combination required by your engine, turbine, or boiler. GraniteFuel specializes in combining the fuel blending system with your additional upstream conditioning, such as H2S removal and dehydration.

Emissions Control

As part of the DCL Technology Group, GraniteFuel is equipped to combine biogas treatment systems with emissions control systems for exhaust clean-up of reciprocating engines or turbines. Our combined biogas treatment and exhaust treatment technologies are so reliable we can provide guarantees on both systems! Learn more about the GraniteFuel Advantage.